the Actor

Nadirshah has acted in over 30 films starting from Bheeshmacharya in 1994 to Shubharathri in 2019. He essayed his character roles with poise and restraint, adding artistic value to the overall movie experience, even in cameo parts. He also featured in the renovated version of the children’s classic 3-D film My Dear Kuttichathan.





Manathe Kottaram



Alanchery Thambrakal

When two young people claim to be their children, their lives are turned upside down.


Ishtamanu Nooruvattom

Dilliwala Rajakumaran

When the Maharaja chooses Appu's betrothed to be the adopted daughter of the palace, Appu must choose between her money and his love.


The Good Boys

Newspaper Boy


Meenakshi Kalyanam

Jose Thomas directed Meenakshi Kalyanam, which was produced by Davi Rafel and Prince Rafel and released in 1998. Mukesh, Mohini, Sukumari, and Jagathy Sreekumar play the lead roles in the film. Nadirsha composed the music for the film.



Gaandhiyan is a Malayalam film directed by Thulasidas and produced by Safar that was released in 1999. Thilakan, Srividya, Priya Raman, and Praveena play the lead roles in the film. Nadirsha composed the music for the film.


Mera Naam Joker

After failing their examinations, Pradeep and Sunny, two careless buddies, start a workshop. They struggle to advance in life, though, because they prefer to pursue women.


Korappan the Great

A gang of friends venture into the bush in the hopes of apprehending a sought deadly fugitive named Korappan in exchange for a monetary reward.

Sharja To Sharja

To spare his brother's life, Nandhan disguises himself as Sheikh Jasim Khalidh Mehbani, a relative from Sharjah.

Randam Bhavam

When a violent gangster's twin brother, a college professor, is killed in a firefight, his world is turned upside down. He is soon obliged to reclaim his family, which he abandoned many years before.


Joji, an orphan, runs away from the orphanage and joins a gang of robbers and other minor criminals. However, his life is turned upside down when he learns that he is not an orphan and that his name is Sachin.


Vijayakrishnan saves a girl from robbers and welcomes her into his home to keep her safe. When Vijayakrishnan is murdered by the thugs, however, his brother resolves to avenge him.

Bamboo Boys

When the village elder becomes ill, several members of a forest tribe travel to the city in search of a doctor, which leads to a series of amusing incidents as they leave their basic home and experience civilised life for the first time.



Balakrishnan, a bank employee, tries every feasible means of obtaining funds in order to purchase his family's home. When he stays in a haunted mansion for free to make money, he gets himself into problems.


Govindankutty Thirakkilanu

After inheriting an ancestral property, Govindankutty encounters a number of challenges, which frequently result in amusing scenarios.


To Let Ambadi Talkies

Manu and Anthony are close friends who want to work in the film industry. They chose to tell the producer their own story.


Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum

Jiya is a wealthy young lady with a distinct personality and lofty ambitions. Her life was turned upside down by a terrible event. At this point, two young men named Pranav and Prince enter Jiya's life with clear motives.

Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan



Daivame Kaithozham K. Kumarakanam

With God's permission, the film is a comedic take on gender role reversal between K Kumar and his wife.



Allu Ramendran

Ramendran is in danger because the police jeep he drives has a flat tyre all of the time. As a result, he has become the village's laughingstock. With his honour on the line, he sets out to identify the person responsible for all of his problems.


A succession of tragic occurrences shatters a basic love tale between a husband and his wife.